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Captures and Interprets Data from the Digital Multimeter Uni-T UT61E using Python

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ut61e (Python)

This is a Python package helping you to capture and interpret data from the digital multimeter Uni-T UT61E. You can easily install it via pip.

Tools which this package provides:

es51922 – Interprets the output of the ES51922 chip

This utility interprets data sent by the Cyrustek ES51922 chip used in the Uni-Trend digital multimeter UT61E. It reads lines from stdin, tries to interpret them as messages from the chip and prints basic information on the stdout. In addition it writes a CSV file with a lot more information to the working directory.

he2325u_hidapi – Reads from the USB/HID adapter cable using HIDAPI

This tool tries to read from the adapter cable using the HID API provided by the operating system. It relies on cython-hidapi.

The tool is called after the original chip from the USB/HID cables which was the Hoitek HE2325U. Nowadays those cables come with a newer chip called WCH CH9325 but the way to get data out of them didn't change.

This tool prints its output to stdout so that you can directly pipe it into es51922. Works on Linux and Mac OS X (Windows not tested) without root access. On Linux you may have to create a udev rule in order to get access to the /dev/hidrawX device as a regular user.

he2325u_pyusb – Reads from the USB/HID adapter cable using PyUSB

This tool is very much similar to he2325u_hidapi as it also allows to read from the USB/HID adapter cable. It also prints its output to stdout. It uses PyUSB instead of HIDAPI which in turn uses direct libusb calls to talk to the adapter. Needs to be run as root. Works on Linux only.


This Python package is registered on PyPI with the name ut61e. To install it, simply run

pip install ut61e


To read data from the USB/HID adapter cable and interpret it as Cyrustek ES51922 information, you can do:

he2325u_hidapi | es51922


You need either Python2 or Python3 to run this software.

If you want to run he2325u_hidapi, you need cython-hidapi.

If you want to run he2325u_pyusb, you need PyUSB.

To analyze output using es51922 you don't need any external modules.

Software using this Package

I also wrote a web interface for the display of the UT61E. I put it in the repository ut61e-web on Github. It relies on the tools from this package.


There is also a C++ based software out there which can read and interpret the data from the digital multimeter. The older version is called dmm_ut61e and the newer version ut61e-linux-sw, both of which you can find in my repository ut61e_cpp on Github.

If you run Windows, you may be better off with DMM.exe, an open source tool provided by Henrik Haftmann.


The file was originally written by Domas Jokubauskis (1) and was reused in this project. I'm very grateful to his work and the work of many others spent on analyzing the USB/HID interface and the protocol, including Steffen Vogel (2) and Henrik Haftmann (3).

Licence and Authors

This software is licenced under the LGPL2+



Captures and Interprets Data from the Digital Multimeter Uni-T UT61E using Python







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