Django app to provide workflow and change logs to forms
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What is this thing? Excellent question. I'm not yet certain but I have an idea.

Django is a wonderful, powerful framework for web developement. Works great. For many business applications, there is a general need to create forms that staff fill out for various business processes. A couple of quick examples would be:

  • Purchase order form
  • Network / IT account creation

In both cases, the forms are submitted and other things need to happen. In the case of the PO, it would most likely need approval, marked as ordered, marked as received, and marked as paid. In some cases, there could also be a request back to the originator asking for more details or clairification. In the case of the IT account form, it needs to be marked ask created.

In addition, any changes made to the data should be logged so that there's an audit history for the particular form instance.

It's basically a workflow system added to Django forms.