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A module dependency version policing tool. It goes through all your repositories on github which has package.json. Then it analyzes the dependencies and reports back to you about all the outdated packages.

It also can suggest corrections to your package.json file in certain cases.


Install police globally from npm registry by typing the following command

npm install police -g


For the first time after you installed police, you need to authenticate yourself to github. This is a one-time step

police auth

Note: We will not save your github password anywhere. A token which we acquire during the authentication will be used thereafter. And it will be saved in a file with permissions 0600

Does not work when 2 factor authorization is enabled. Please create a personal use token here and edit the ./policeconf file.

# To police your module dependencies

# To police a particular module (You should give the repository name)
police octonode

# To police another user/org module dependencies
police -u flatiron

# To police a particular module of another user/org (You should give the repository name)
police flatiron/plates

# To police a local module or package.json file
police -l ~/octonode
police -l ~/octonode/package.json

# To continue checking even though errors are encountered (Doesnt work with -l)
police -f
police -u flatiron -f

# To edit all the fields in package.json (Doesnt work with -l)
police -e

# To add the missing fields to package.json (Doesnt work with -l)
police -a

# To update dependencies in package.json
police -t

Given below are some ideal commands to help you.

# An ideal police command for github user for the first time on a module
police -f -e -t

# An ideal police command for github user
police -f -a -t

# An ideal police command locally
police -l ~/octonode -t

The token which we acquied during auth will be stored in $HOME/.policeconf. If you want to use another config file

police octonode --conf /etc/policeconf
police octonode --conf ~/.conf

If you want to destory your token, you can use

police -d
police --destroy

Calling police with help option will display all the above

police -h
police --help

If you like this project, please watch this and follow me.


npm test


Here is a list of Contributors


  • Option to isolate dependency checking and suggestions
  • Support multiple npm registries (custom)
  • Display progress bar instead of listing the dependencies (use charm)
  • Caching package.json blobs per commit
  • Start using octonode module
  • Command for setting and deleting configurations

I accept pull requests and guarantee a reply back within a day



Bug Reports

Report here. Guaranteed reply within a day.


Pavan Kumar Sunkara (

Follow me on github, twitter

Concept by: Martin Wawrusch (


policing the dependency packages versions


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