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A collection of simple lessons, scripts, and demos in Lua, suitable for learning programming concepts.
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LOVE-samples Updated sample for changes in v0.10+ LOVE API (closes pkulchenko/Zero… Jan 4, 2016
corona-samples Added Corona live coding example. Jan 15, 2013
gideros-samples Updated Gideros example with on-device debugging commands. Feb 9, 2013
livecoding-samples Updated descriptions for some scripts Jul 12, 2012
moai-samples Updated obsolete class in Moai example. Oct 6, 2013
programming-lessons Updated programming lessons. Jun 18, 2014
spirograph-samples Switched to markdown formatting in lessons May 15, 2012
turtle-samples Added and updated pixel manipulation examples Aug 5, 2012
zerobrane-lessons Updated zerobrane lessons on moving windows. Jun 18, 2014
LICENSE Initial commit Jan 21, 2012
testwell.lua Updated test module to better report skipped tests. Mar 11, 2016

Project Description

ZeroBrane Edu Pack is a collection of scripts, games, and simple applications in Lua, suitable for learning programming concepts.

It has been integrated and tested with ZeroBrane Studio Lua IDE.


Edu Pack depends on wx library and has been tested with Lua 5.1.


Paul Kulchenko (


See LICENSE file.

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