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This is a bug tracking and user feedback Asset called the Helpdesk; a plugin for
the WebGUI content management system.  It's currently in a late beta stage of

  WebGUI and the Helpdesk are Copyright 2001-2010 Plain Black Corporation.
  Please read the legal notices (docs/legal.txt) and the license
  (docs/license.txt) that came with this distribution before using
  this software.

To install this Asset in a WebGUI site:

1) Download the helpdesk project and put it in /data/helpdesk
2) echo /data/helpdesk/lib >> /data/WebGUI/sbin/preload.custom
3) mysql -u dbUser -p dbPassword < docs/helpdesk.sql
3) cd /data/helpdesk/sbin; perl --configFile=<your config file name>
4) cp -R /data/helpdesk/www/extras /data/WebGUI/www
5) Restart Apache and Spectre.  If you use the WRE, --restart modperl spectre
6) Install the HelpDesk package, with templates and styles, from docs/help_desk.wgpkg
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