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New: Korean translation
Fix: Tray icon is now removed when closing application
Fix: Updated French translation
Fix: List is now set to unshared on some errors
New: Newsletter subscription on login
Fix: Updater modified for 1.1.1
New: Share list icon
New: Shortcut for printing list
New: Translation for new functionality
New: Newsletter registration
Fix: Optimized CloudApp process
Fix: jQuery live bug with notes
Fix: Change notes behaviour
Fix: Sharing error dialog is now correct
Fix: Renaming of lists corrected
Fix: Improved Sharing
Fix: Printing bug on windows
Fix: Inbox can not be shared
Fix: 'Undefined' bug in notifications
Fix: Button position on login screen
Fix: Sync shortcut can only be used when currently not syncing
Fix: Improved sharing process
New: Printing functionality
New: Updater for database
Fix: Improved Sharing functionality
Fix: Improved notes styling
Fix: Improved notifications
Fix: Printing bug
New: Sharing functionality
Fix: Icons / positioning improvements
Fix: CSS refactoring
Fix: Improved notes
New: Swedish and Japanese translation
New: Database fields for shared lists
New: Notes
New: "Knowledge Base" Link in menu
New: Send by mail
New: Sidebar can now be toggled with shortcut
New: Shortcut for stepping through lists
New: Notifications for sync
Fix: Updated Catalan translation
New: New sidebar design
New: New icons for sidebar
New: Arabic, Turkish and Chinese translation
Fix: Improved Portuguese translation
Fix: Improved French translation
Fix: Removed overdue tasks from today filter
Fix: Improved sidebar
Fix: Email validation function updated, it supports the "+"
New: Tray icon
New: Auto-Sync on Logout / App exit
New: Czech translation
New: Current task date is now selected when opening the datepicker
Fix: Improved search, unchecked tasks are now appended to the end of the list
Fix: Tabulator on checkboxes is not possible anymore
Fix: Improved English, Russian, Italian and Spanish translation files
Fix: Badges now show today and overdue
Fix: Login / Logout Bug
New: Russian Translation
New: Danish translation
New: Українськa translation (Ukrainian)
Fix: Changed minimum width and height settings
Fix: "frontend.js" bug fixed
New: Dutch and catalan translation
Fix: French Calendar translation
Fix: Spanish optimized
Fix: Small bug fixes
Fix: Polish and french optimized
New: New date format dialog added (also “Start week on sunday” option added)
New: Filter functions optimized
New: Spanish translation (thanks to Alejandro Martinez)
New: French translation (thanks to Harry Lafranc)
New: Italian translation (thanks to Joram)
New: Polish translation (thanks to Sebastian Szok)
New: Portuguese translation (thanks to Sergio Melro)
New: Slovakian translation (thanks to Jakub Jarabica)
New: Moved to github
Fix: Date-Bug fixed
Fix: “CTRL + A / CMD + A” Bug fixed
Fix: Little Performance tweaks
Fix: Better OS X behaviour on close
New: Multi platform support (Mac & Windows; iPhone coming soon)
New: Cloud-Synchronization for Tasks & Lists
New: Multi language support (English & German)
New: Individually optimized shortcuts for supported operation systems
New: Drag & Drop Tasks and Lists
New: Done Tasks History
New: Overdue Tasks Hint
New: A lot of filter options
New: Background Themes