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Vitess Operator



Vitess Operator depends on Vitess libraries and Kubernetes libraries that each support a limited range of Vitess and Kubernetes versions, respectively. These limitations mean each Vitess Operator version is only guaranteed to be compatible with certain Vitess and Kubernetes versions, as shown in this table:

Vitess Operator Version Recommended Vitess Versions Recommended Kubernetes Versions
v2.0.* v6.0.* v1.13.*, v1.14.*, or v1.15.*
v2.1.* v7.0.* v1.15.*, v1.16.*, or v1.17.*
v2.2.* v8.0.* v1.15.*, v1.16.*, or v1.17.*
v2.3.* v9.0.* v1.15.*, v1.16.*, or v1.17.*
v2.4.* v10.0.* v1.15.*, v1.16.*, or v1.17.*
v2.5.* v12.0.* v1.17.*, v1.18.*, or v1.19.*
v2.6.* v12.0.*, or v13.0.* v1.20.*, v1.21.*, or v1.22.*
v2.7.* v14.0.* v1.20.*, v1.21.*, or v1.22.*
latest latest v1.20.*, v1.21.*, or v1.22.*

If for some reason you must attempt to use versions outside the recommend window, we still welcome bug reports since a workaround might be possible. However, in some cases we may be unable to overcome the underlying limitations in our dependencies.

Update Schedule

Recommended versions for HEAD of Vitess Operator can change over time. However, patch releases (e.g. v2.0.*) will retain the same compatibility windows as the original release in that minor series (e.g. v2.0.0).

We plan to update HEAD of Vitess Operator to work with each new Vitess version soon after it's released. Once we're confident in the compatibility of the new pairing, we'll cut a new release of Vitess Operator while incrementing the minor version (the Y in vX.Y.Z).

Our goal for Kubernetes is for the latest Vitess Operator release to be compatible with the latest Kubernetes version that's Generally Available on all of GKE, EKS, and AKS. If we need to update our Kubernetes library dependencies to keep the target Kubernetes version in our compatibility window, we'll update HEAD of Vitess Operator and then cut a new minor release once we're confident in the new pairing.


This secton describes how to build your own Vitess Operator binaries and images. See the Getting Started guides above if you just want to deploy Vitess Operator from pre-built images.

Build Docker image

From this directory, run:

make build IMAGE_NAME=your.registry/vitess/operator


If you would like to contribute to this project, please refer to the contributing readme