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TBX is an add-on package for Toolbar2000 components:

TBX expands Toolbar2000 with the following new features:

  • Support for native themes and Windows visual styles
  • Customizable layout for toolbar items
  • Variations of font size for toolbar items
  • Multi-line captions
  • Combo and list boxes
  • Dockable panels (task panes)
  • Tool palettes and color selectors
  • A status bar component
  • Additional controls


Compatible with Delphi/C++Builder 4–XE5.


Uninstall previous versions of Toolbar2000 and TBX from your IDE.

Download Toolbar2000 2.2.2 and unzip it somewhere on your hard drive.
Unzip TBX, compile Tools\TB2k Patch, run it and patch Toolbar2000 directory.

Install Toolbar2000 to your IDE: add Toolbar2000\Source directory to your IDE options, then open and compile Toolbar2000\Packages\tb2k_dxx.dpk, open and install Toolbar2000\Packages\tb2kdsgn_dxx.dpk (xx is your Delphi version).

Install TBX to your IDE: add TBX\Source, TBX\Source\Themes and TBX\Source\rmkThemes (optionally) to your IDE options, then open and compile TBX_Dxx.dpk, open and install TBX_Dxx_Design.dpk (xx is your Delphi version).


Alex A. Denisov, initial developer.
Roy Magne Klever (, contributor.
Robert Lee (, contributor.
Vladimir Bochkarev (, contributor.
Alexander Klimov (, contributor.
Yury Plashenkov (, contributor and current maintainer.