A cool trophy for the winners of your Hackathon
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Hackathon PCB trophy

A cool trophy for the winners of your Hackathon



This repository includes the necessary software and hardware schematics and layout files to create some trophy-shaped boards that can be given as awards to the winners of a competition/hackathon/task/you-name-it.

The trophies have are programmable, using the ATTiny85 microcontroller and have the ability to play a tune once a button is pressed.


As someone who often gets involved in organizing hackathons I had to come up with cool looking trophies for our competitions' winners. 3D printed trophies take too long to be produced and assembled so I resorted to a different option: PCBs. Compared to the 3D printed trophies, a PCB is more durable, can be assembled faster, requires less equipment from your side (i.e. no printer needed) and looks - if not more - then equally as cool. More importantly, the trophy is programmable and has the potential to spark interest in electronics and hardware.


The circuit as well as the code are relatively straight forward. A microcontroller (ATTiny85) is connected to a buzzer and a tactile button is connected to the microcontroller's reset pin, causing the firmware to reboot every time it is pressed. Everything is powered up by a CR2032 coin cell battery.

fritzing circuit

On the software-side, the microcontroller plays an RTTTL tune (the theme song from Rocky) and then goes to deep sleep to preserve power. The RTTTL tune is played using code written by Brett Hagman from Rogue Robotics.


  • Hackathon trophy PCB (Order it from PCBway.com)
  • ATTiny85-20PU
  • 12mm buzzer
  • 4.7KΩ pull-up resistor
  • 22Ω current limiting resistor
  • 2032 coin cell battery holder
  • 2032 coin cell battery