Emacs support for the Chruby version switcher for Ruby
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Emacs support for Chruby. It works identical to the shell command, after placing chruby.el in your load-path you can

(require 'chruby)
(chruby "jruby-1.7.2")

Interactively, either call M-x chruby-use which will prompt for a ruby version, or M-x chruby-use-corresponding which tries to get the version from a .ruby-version file.

In fact just like Chruby it is extremely lightweight, it merely follows the same conventions for finding rubies on your system.

Some of the code was taken from rvm.el by Yves Senn, however any violations of good style are entirely mine.

There is currently no support for Chruby's 'auto' functionality.

Copyright 2013-2014 Arne Brasseur

For license details refer to the LICENSE file.