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A Slack bot aimed to keep team logs. Please, make sure that using it does not violate Slack API TOS before start. Bot is based on rtmbot and could be extended in the same way. See rtmbot docs for details. It is pre-alpha quick&dirty (insert your favourite earliest version marker here) implementation, having many to-be-parametrized things hardcoded. Any cleanup/improvement/bugfix PRs are welcome and are highly appreciated.


See requirements.txt


  1. Download the code

     git clone
     cd slack-archivist
  2. Install dependencies (virtualenv is recommended.)

     pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Configure (

     vi rtmbot.conf
       DEBUG: False
       SLACK_TOKEN: "xoxb-11111111111-222222222222222"
       HUMAN_SLACK_TOKEN: "xoxb-11111111111-222222222222222"

Note: SLACK_TOKEN is bot's token, the only one necessary to log & export. HUMAN_SLACK_TOKEN is regular user's token and could be provided for automating bot invite to channels, because bots are not allowed to join channels by themselves.


After running, will start to log arriving messages from all channels he is joined to, split by dates, into logs directory. To invite bot to all channels, run invite human_name bot_name, where names corresponds tokens given in the config.

Export to html

Tune template content to match your needs. Specifically, day.mustache is the root template for messages display, and index.mustache & channel-index.mustache are templates for channels and dates index pages respectively. Then run export output_dir to convert logs to html and move old logs to backup dir. Note: at the moment too many things, like slack team name, Google CSE widget and backup path are hardcoded, bot was created in hurry. I apologize for that again and will be very grateful for PRs fixing that.