Cocoa interface code written in Lisp for use with Clozure Common Lisp (CCL)
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plkrueger More updates to remove cyclical "require" dependencies
Eliminates a cyclical dependency caused by trying to use high-level
(coerce-obj …) calls in the file that implements low-level object
transforms that are required by the coerce-obj code.
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Cocoa interface code written in Lisp for use with Clozure Common Lisp (CCL) This is a Lisp code library to be used in conjunction with Clozure Common Lisp (CCL) on Apple OS X platforms. Building on CCL’s Objective-C interface, it provides functions for interfacing with Apple’s Cocoa functionality to build user interface windows dynamically within lisp code. It thus bypasses the typical Xcode processes of other programming languages.

CCL can be installed from the Apple App store (free). It can also be cloned from GitHub (

See the “Setting up your CCL environment” section of the CocoaInterface/Documentation/UserInterfaceTutorial.pdf file for information about how to configure and use this code. These instructions assume that CCL was installed from the App store and although I am not aware of any difference that should arise by installing from Github, I have not tested that process.

The CocoaInterface/Documentation folder contains other information about various functionality that is offered in this code distribution.

Let me know if you find errors or encounter other problems.