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@etpinard etpinard released this Aug 16, 2018 · 3103 commits to master since this release


  • Allow contour, contourcarpet and histogram2dcontour to have
    corresponding legend items using showlegend [#2891, #2914]
  • Add scatterpolar and scatterpolargl attributes r0, dr, theta0 and
    dtheta [#2895]
  • Add layout attributes piecolorway and extendpiecolors
    for more control over pie colors [#2870]
  • Add splom attribute dimensions[i].axis.type to easily override axis type
    in splom-generated axes [#2899]
  • Add support for on-graph text in scatterpolargl traces [#2895]


  • Use derequire browserify plugin to make bundling distributed npm package
    with browserify possible [#2905]
  • Speed up cartesian axis autorange edits (and thus double-click interactions) [#2823]
  • Do not clear WebGL context when scattergl graph has no visible:true
    traces, which speeds up e.g. legend interactions [#2860]
  • Compute data extremes per trace, which improves performance in some cases [#2860]
  • Use <linearGradient> to render filled colorbars [#2910, #2914]
  • Rename trace module setPositions methods crossTraceCalc [#2868]
  • Use regl@1.3.7 [#2863]


  • Fix scalar marker.size bounds in legend items [#2840]
  • Fix positioning of legend symbols for traces with fills [#2891]
  • Fix scattergl select -> double-click -> pan behavior [#2815]
  • Fix scattergl marker for IE11 [#2863]
  • Fix inheritance of explicit pie colors by later traces [#2870]
  • Fix layer ordering on graphs with multiple contour traces with heatmap
    coloring [#2891]
  • Fix layer ordering on visible toggling for contour-like traces [#2891]
  • Fix cases where colorbars would be drawn over its bounds [#2910]
  • Fix tickwidth edits on ohlc traces [#2823]
  • Fix labels on splom-generated axes with categorical data [#2899]
  • Fix handling of splom dimensions on axes of conflicting types [#2899]
  • Fix splom trace visible edits [#2860]
  • Fix splom select -> double-click -> pan behavior [#2899]
  • Fix scatterpolargl behavior during angular and radial drag interactions [#2888]
  • Fix handling of auto date ticks below our 100 microseconds limit [#2912]
  • Fix scatter3d attributes which had incorrectly labeled textposition
    and as arrayOk and contained unimplemented line.showscale
    and line.colorbar [#2879]
  • Fix scattergl and scatterpolargl attribute declarations for hoveron [#2895]
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