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Converting DayOne journals into markdown files
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Converting DayOne journals into markdown files

Work in progress.


  1. Export you DayOne journal as JSON and unzip the folder.
  2. Put the script in the unzipped folder.
  3. Run the script ./ Journal.json

Results :

  1. Each entry is now converted to an MD file. Name of the file is the date-time of the entry.
  2. A title is added as the date-time
  3. Pictures are inserted with a relative path ( photos/)
  4. Tags are inserted in the text as " #tag" (if they were not previously)
  5. Location of an entry is written at the end of the file with both address and coordinates.


  1. If there are two entries at the same second, one will be lost.
  2. Metadata other than tags, time and location are lost.
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