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Releases: plushmonkey/JedCore

JedCore 2.9.4

28 Apr 17:09
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Improve WaterGimbal sourcing

  • Add option for snow sourcing.
  • Use PlantRegrowth to regenerate plants.
  • Thaw any sourced PhaseChange blocks so it doesn't leave behind a hole.
  • Increase version to 2.9.4.

JedCore 2.9.3

06 Jan 06:14
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  • Fix a crash with Bloodbending and Bloodpuppet when IgnoreWalls is enabled.

JedCore 2.9.2

26 Dec 22:04
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  • Fix LavaThrow blast direction. (Simplicitee)
  • Fix no-volume AABB queries.
  • Use FlightHandler with FireSki and EarthSurf to hopefully reduce the frequency of flight bugs.
  • Improve MetalHook.
    • Fix a bug with MetalHook where the player wouldn't be pulled toward an attached hook.
    • Add config option to MetalHook for attaching to barriers.
  • Fix EarthKick bugs.
    • Allow slot swapping once EarthKick is created. This fixes the bug where the falling blocks don't damage enemies if the player swapped slots before they get near an enemy.
    • Fix an issue with EarthKick where the wrong FallingBlocks could be removed from the tracking list.

JedCore 2.9.1

12 Dec 23:09
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  • Fix AABB code so it works on Spigot 1.15.

JedCore 2.9.0

10 Dec 15:33
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  • Add support for Spigot 1.14.4/ProjectKorra 1.8.9. It should continue to work with Spigot 1.13.2/ProjectKorra 1.8.8, but it hasn't been tested.
  • Fix EarthLine render issue that has existed for a long time where the falling blocks aren't spawned at the center of the block.
  • Improve EarthLine climbing/falling.

JedCore 2.8.1

14 Apr 16:50
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I haven't personally tested most of these changes myself.

  • Requires ProjectKorra 1.8.8.
  • Requires Spigot or derivative for Minecraft 1.13.2.
  • Refactor FrostBreath code.
    • Use waterbendable TempBlocks for the created snow. This should fix some reversion issues that could cause permanent blocks.
    • Add a duration to the ice created from water.
    • Prevent PlantRegrowth from creating permanent snow.
  • Add "-small-" or "-large-" to a collision list for the ability to be added to the collision initializer lists.
  • Add invincible check for AirSlam. (PhanaticD)
  • Remove Java 8 and Spigot checks. (PhanaticD)
  • Probably fix ElementSphere fly glitch. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix EarthShard concrete powder interaction. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix some Bloodbending issues. (PhanaticD)
    • Attempt a fix for Bloodbending finite error. (PhanaticD)
    • Fix issue with Bloodbending returning a bad vector when inside a block. (PhanaticD)
    • Make Bloodbending ignore armor stands. (PhanaticD)
  • Add missing plants to the small plants list. (PhanaticD)
  • Allow Drain to use configured plants. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix memory leak issue with the bending board. (PhanaticD)
  • Improve EarthKick. It now works on RaiseEarth. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix LavaThrow going through walls. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix up MetalFragments. (PhanaticD)

JedCore 2.8.0

05 Feb 21:39
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Thanks to PhanaticD for doing the majority of the work for the update.

  • Update to ProjectKorra 1.8.8 and Spigot 1.13.2.
    • Support dropped for older versions of both ProjectKorra and Spigot due to large api changes.
  • Fix a bunch of protection issues, such as WorldGuard item dropping. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix Discharge and LightningBurst being spammable in AvatarState. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix DaggerThrow so it cannot damage the user. (PhanaticD)
  • Make bending board more responsive. (PhanaticD)
  • Fix FirePunch so it's only activated from melee damage.
  • Improve EarthLine. (0ct0ber)
    • Add more config options for dealing with select/prepare ranges.
    • Add config option for allowing direction change.
    • Add config option for max duration.
  • Make slot swapping configurable for EarthLine and LavaDisc.

JedCore 2.7.2

09 Aug 18:48
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  • Fix RegenTempBlock abilities in older Minecraft versions.

JedCore 2.7.1

08 Aug 02:46
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  • Fix an exception that would occur when abilities that override core abilities were disabled.

JedCore 2.7.0

07 Aug 19:20
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  • Update to ProjectKorra 1.8.7. It should continue to work with previous versions as well.
  • Improve MetalArmor and MetalFragments.
    • Fix MetalArmor so it properly detects if the player sourced metal blocks.
    • Add config option to MetalArmor for setting the duration of the resistance.
    • Fix MetalArmor so it actually reads the config values.
    • Fix NullPointerException with MetalArmor.
    • Fix MetalFragments so it aligns the falling block with the actual block. This fixes the bug where it would always drop the block into an item.
    • Fix NullPointerException with MetalFragments.
  • Improve MetalHook.
    • Fix MetalHook cooldown activation.
    • Add configuration option for setting total hook count for MetalHook. This can be used to set a concrete action that ends MetalHook and forces it to go on cooldown. Set it to 0 to disable it.
    • Improve MetalHook so it can be activated while sprinting. Toggling sprint off and on will end the ability still.
  • Improve FireComet region checks.
    • Add a region protection check to FireComet to prevent players from walking into protected regions while it's charged.
    • Add a region protection check to FireComet to prevent it from damaging players in protected areas.
  • Add configuration option to not Drain TempBlocks. It could be used to create flowing water.
  • Improve bending board.
    • When boards are disabled or if a player toggles their board off, set their scoreboard back to the main server-controlled scoreboard. This allows players to be found on teams when their board is disabled.
    • Fix an exception that occurs when bending board is disabled.
  • Stop Backstab from activating out of melee range.
  • Fix Combustion blowing up burning furnaces.
  • Fix container duplication exploit.
  • Handle offhand while removing items from inventory.
    • This fixes a bug where DaggerThrow could be used without consuming arrows.