A Word AddIn (similar to Word 2013's XML Mapping Pane) which handles conditionals etc
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A Word AddIn (similar to Word 2013's XML Mapping Pane) which handles conditionals etc

Developed in Visual Studio 2010; you should be able to use that or a later version.

Targets Word 2007 or later.

Compared to the standard XML Mapping Pane, this supports OpenDoPE content controls, including binding:

  • conditions
  • repeats
  • pictures (including as rich text, for more positioning flexibility)
  • Flat OPC XML

Generally, the user can set the binding in 3 ways:

1 dragging the XML element onto the document surface 2 right clicking on the XML element, or 3 using the ribbon

(see further OpenDoPEFriendlyAuthor\cc_matrix.docx)

This solution uses project https://github.com/plutext/OpenDoPE-Model so you should get that, then adjust your project references to use it.


This project is based on https://xmlmapping.codeplex.com/

That code is licensed under Microsoft Platform and Application License; see https://xmlmapping.codeplex.com/license

Source files subject to that license bear a corresponding header.

That license permits us to prepare and distribute derivative works.

Any and all code not obtained from https://xmlmapping.codeplex.com/ and any modifications made to that code, is licensed to you under the GPL v3.