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JAXB-based Java library for Word docx, Powerpoint pptx, and Excel xlsx files

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What is docx4j?

docx4j is an open source (Apache v2) library for creating, editing, and saving OpenXML "packages", including docx, pptx, and xslx.

It uses JAXB to create the Java representation.

  • Open existing docx/pptx/xlsx (from filesystem, SMB/CIFS, WebDAV using VFS)
  • Create new docx
  • Programmatically manipulate the docx document (of course)
  • CustomXML binding (with OpenDoPE extensions for repeats & conditionals)
  • Export as HTML or PDF
  • Diff/compare documents, paragraphs or sdt (content controls)
  • Import a binary doc (uses Apache POI's HWPF)
  • Produce/consume Word 2007's xmlPackage (pkg) format
  • Save docx to filesystem as a docx (ie zipped), or to JCR (unzipped)
  • Apply transforms, including common filters
  • Font support (font substitution, and use of any fonts embedded in the document)

How do I build docx4j?

Get it from GitHub, at For more details, see

If you are working with the source code, please join the developer mailing list:

Where do I get a binary?

How do I get started?

See the Getting Started guide.

Where to get help? or StackOverflow (use tag 'docx4j')

To subscribe, send an email to

The forum is gatewayed to a mailing list, so you can interact via your email client if you prefer. To subscribe, send an email to

Legal Information

docx4j is published under the Apache License version 2.0. For the license text, please see the following files in the legals directory:

  • NOTICE Legal information on libraries used by docx4j can be found in the "legals/NOTICE" file. Here is a (TODO: non exhaustive?) list of files included in docx4j but not published under Apache License version 2.0:

  • DocX2Html.xslt (though docx2xhtmlNG2.xslt is our supported transform, not that)

  • src/diffx (ARTISTIC LICENCE)
  • xsd/**
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