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What is docx4j?

docx4j is an open source (Apache v2) library for creating, editing, and saving OpenXML "packages", including docx, pptx, and xslx.

It uses JAXB to create the Java representation.

  • Open existing docx/pptx/xlsx
  • Create new docx/pptx/xlsx
  • Programmatically manipulate docx/pptx/xlsx (anything the file format allows)
  • Document generation via variable, content control data binding, or MERGEFIELD
  • CustomXML binding (with support for pictures, rich text, checkboxes, and OpenDoPE extensions for repeats & conditionals, and importing XHTML)
  • Export as HTML
  • Export as PDF, choice of 3 strategies, see
  • Produce/consume Word 2007's xmlPackage (pkg) format
  • Apply transforms, including common filters
  • Font support (font substitution, and use of any fonts embedded in the document)

docx4j for JAXB 3.0 and Java 11+

docx4j v11.4.5 uses Jakarta XML Binding API 3.0, as opposed to JAXB 2.x used in earlier versions (which import javax.xml.bind.*). Since this release uses jakarta.xml.bind, rather than javax.xml.bind, if you have existing code which imports javax.xml.bind, you'll need to search/replace across your code base, replacing javax.xml.bind with jakarta.xml.bind. You'll also need to replace your JAXB jars (which Maven will do for you automatically; otherwise get them from the relevant zip file).

Being a JPMS modularised release, the jars also contain module-info.class entries.

To use it, add the dep corresponding to the JAXB implementation you wish to use

  • Maven Central docx4j-JAXB-ReferenceImpl
  • Maven Central docx4j-JAXB-MOXy


This is docx4j for Java 8. Although in principle it would compile and run under Java 6, some of its dependencies are Java 8 only. So to run it under Java 6, you'd need to use the same version of the deps which docx4j 6.x uses.

docx4j v8 is a multi-module Maven project.

To use docx4j v8, add the dep corresponding to the JAXB implementation you wish to use

  • Maven Central docx4j-JAXB-Internal (shipped in Oracle and OpenJDK v8)
  • Maven Central docx4j-JAXB-ReferenceImpl (you may need to respect the endorsed dir mechanism for the RI jars)
  • Maven Central docx4j-JAXB-MOXy

You should use one and only one of docx4j-JAXB-*

How do I build docx4j?

Get it from GitHub, at

mvn clean
mvn install

Some of the tests might fail on Windows. For now, you could skip them: mvn install -DskipTests

For more details, see

If you are working with the source code, please join the developer mailing list:

Where do I get a binary?

How do I get started?

See the Getting Started guide:

and the Cheat Sheet:

And see the sample code:

You'll probably want the Helper AddIn to generate code:

Where to get help? or StackOverflow (use tag 'docx4j')

Please post to one or the other, not both

Legal Information

docx4j is published under the Apache License version 2.0. For the license text, please see the following files in the legals directory:

  • NOTICE Legal information on libraries used by docx4j can be found in the "legals/NOTICE" file.