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This directory contains the R/RMarkdown code and associated files necessary to reproduce the paper by Marchand et al. Reserves and trade jointly determine exposure to food supply shocks.

List of files

  • cereals-network-article.Rmd: RMarkdown script for the article
  • cereals-network-supplementary.Rmd: RMarkdown script for the supplementary materials
  • cereals-network-funcs.R: R script containing functions for model simulation and summary output generation, used by the scripts above
  • model-flow-chart.pdf: non-script generated flow chart of the simulation model
  • fig_dCext_net.png: manually edited version of a script-generated figure (adding country names key)
  • ref.bib: BibTeX references
  • institute-of-physics-harvard.csl: style file to format citations
  • ciso3.txt: reference list of ISO3 country codes for the countries in the data files

in data/ directory

  • get_cereals_prod_trade.R: code used to obtain cereals production and trade from public FAOSTAT data
  • cereals_prod_trade.RData: output file from the script above used in the article, based on FAOSTAT data acquired in January 2016
  • get_cereals_stocks.R: code used to obtain cereals stocks from public USDA-PSD data
  • cereals_stocks.RData: output file from the script above used in the article, based USDA-PSD data acquired in October 2015
  • country_list.csv: list of countries in data with FAOSTAT codes and population information
  • crop_list.tsv: list of cereal commodities considered in this article, with FAOSTAT codes and supplementary information (e.g. kcal/ton conversion factors)

R packages dependencies

  • Data manipulation: tidyr, dplyr, reshape2, stringr
  • Visualization: ggplot2, maptools, cowplot
  • LaTeX/PDF generation: knitr, stringr
  • Others: igraph, FAOSTAT


This work was supported by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) under funding received from the National Science Foundation DBI-1052875.


Code for Marchand et al. "Reserves and trade jointly determine exposure to food supply shocks"






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