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On the Shoulders of Cloud Giants: citation practices in the tabletop role-playing game publishing industry
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On the Shoulders of Cloud Giants: Citation Practices in the Tabletop Role-Playing Game Publishing Industry

Combining Wikidata, SPARQL and R Studio to analyze the citation network of TTRPGs from 1974.

A drafty preliminary sample of the graph here

OtSoCG snapshot

The project is explained here (explication du projet en français ici).

How to..

... Contribute

  • Improve the data on Wikidata (especially the properties Publisher, Author and RPGGeek ID)
  • Help me code in R how to underweight the force of the link if two items have the same publisher or author.

... Thank me

  • Tweet it @pascaliensis.
  • Comment it on your social media.
  • Cite me in your academic work :

Martinolli, Pascal. 2019. « On the Shoulders of Cloud Giants: citation practices in the tabletop role-playing game publishing industry. » Dataset and R language code.

  • Print it and display it in your school, library, exhibition, etc.
  • Send me an email : pascal.umontreal [at]


  • Caroline Patenaude, data librarian, for her primer workshops on R Studio.
  • The authors R, of R Studio and of the packages WikidataQueryServiceR and igraph.
  • Michael Hahsler for the function map.

This content is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Informations in the source code are pure facts, therefore they cannot be copyrighted. The curation of these informations, the links between them and the structure of their display are a work of edition. For this reason, I will be glad you aknowledge my name if you want to reuse them.

Metadata / Métadonnées

  • Author / Auteur : Pascal Martinolli

  • Created / Créé le : 2019

  • Most recent version / Dernière version : 2019-12-11

  • Original format / format de fichier : R script

  • License / Licence : CC-BY-NC-SA

  • Presented at, promoted through / Présenté à, diffusé via :

  • Contributors (so far) : .

  • Commments and collaborations are welcomed at / Commentaires et collaborations bienvenus : pascal.umontreal [at]

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