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A library for working with graphs in Python


python-graph is a library for working with graphs in Python.

This software provides a suitable data structure for representing graphs and a
whole set of important algorithms.


To install the core module, run:

	make install-core

To install the dot language support, run:

	make install-dot

Alternatively, if you don't have make, you can install the modules by running:

	./ install

inside the module directory.


To generate the API documentation for this package, run:

	make docs

You'll need epydoc installed in your system.


The latest version of this package can be found at:

Please report bugs at:


Pedro Matiello <>
	* Project maintainer/leader;
	* Graph, Digraph and Hipergraph classes;
	* Accessibility algorithms;
	* Cut-node and cut-edge detection;
	* Cycle detection;
	* Depth-first and Breadth-first searching;
	* Minimal Spanning Tree (Prim's algorithm);
	* Random graph generation;
	* Topological sorting;
	* Traversals;
	* XML reading/writing;
	* Refactoring.

Christian Muise <>
	* Project commiter;
	* Dot file reading/writing;
	* Hypergraph class;
	* Refactoring.

Salim Fadhley <>
	* Project commiter;
	* Porting of Roy Smith's A* implementation to python-graph;
	* Edmond Chow's heuristic for A*;
	* Refactoring.

Tomaz Kovacic <>
	* Project commiter;
	* Transitive edge detection;
	* Critical path algorithm;
	* Bellman-Ford algorithm;
	* Logo design.


Eugen Zagorodniy <>
	* Mutual Accessibility (Tarjan's Algorithm).

Johannes Reinhardt <>
	* Maximum-flow algorithm;
	* Gomory-Hu cut-tree algorithm;
	* Refactoring.
Juarez Bochi <>
	* Pagerank algorithm.

Nathan Davis <>
	* Faster node insertion.

Paul Harrison <>
	* Mutual Accessibility (Tarjan's Algorithm).

Peter Sagerson <>
	* Performance improvements on shortest path algorithm.

Rhys Ulerich <>
	* Dijkstra's Shortest path algorithm.

Roy Smith <>
	* Heuristic Searching (A* algorithm).

Zsolt Haraszti <>
	* Weighted random generated graphs.

Anand Jeyahar  <>
	* Edge deletion on hypergraphs (bug fix).

Emanuele Zattin <>
	* Hyperedge relinking (bug fix).

Jonathan Sternberg <>
	* Graph comparison (bug fix);
	* Proper isolation of attribute lists (bug fix).

Daniel Merritt <>
	* Fixed reading of XML-stored graphs with edge attributes.


This software is provided under the MIT license. See accompanying COPYING file
for details.