ansible role for operating tarsnap backups
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Is ...

  • An ansible role for operating tarsnap backups
  • An ansible-pull compatible playbook for standalone installations.

The role downloads sources for, verifies the gpg-encrypted sha signature, compiles, and installs Tarsnap.
Batteries included: tarsnapper, cron job, shell wrapper, and logrotate policy.




  • Tarsnap account
  • Tarsnap machine key file
    • instructions to generate one are in the standalone section
    • important this role assumes you are responsible for copying this key to tarsnap_keyfile. See [role variables](#role variables)

role variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml):

tarsnap_version: 1.0.35
tarsnap_keyfile: "/root/tarsnap.key"
tarsnap_cache: "/usr/local/tarsnap-cache"

The role-installed .tarsnaprc file will automatically exclude the tarsnap_cache folder and reference the tarsnap_keyfile for backups. Your play or an out-of-band process is responsible for creating the keyfile and placing it at this location. See the standalone section.

tarsnap_cron_minute: "0"
tarsnap_cron_hour: "3"
tarsnap_cron_day: "*"
tarsnap_cron_month: "*"

Controls the period at which the backup job wrapper /root/ is executed.
The period should be at least as frequent as the smallest generation defined by your tarsnapper.conf deltas (e.g. if your smallest delta is 1h, you should set all these vars to * except for tarsnap_cron_minute).
These variable map to parameters in the ansible cron module.

tarsnap_tarsnapper_conf: "tarsnapper.default.conf"

tarsnapper configuration. A default and example are provided (tarsnapper.default.conf) but you should over-ride this.

tarsnap_global_exclusions: # not defined by default

List of string glob patterns that will be added to the .tarsnaprc file. For an example list, see personal/defaults.yml


The local.yml play uses the role to install a local backup policy, either via manual execution or ansible-pull.

You should fork this repo before executing locally since the exclusion patterns and tarsnapper.conf as defined in the personal directory need to be customized.

# installs role locally, using the exclusion patterns and tarsnapper.conf
# defined in the "personal" directory
ansible-playbook -i /dev/null local.yml

# Now that tarsnap is installed, generate a tarsnap machine key.
# This will prompt for your account password
sudo tarsnap-keygen --keyfile /root/tarsnap.key --user --machine `hostname`

# alternatively, copy your pre-registered machine key to the location defined in the tarsnap_keyfile var


Source Copyright © 2014 Paul Bauer. Distributed under the GNU General Public License v3, the same as Ansible uses. See the file COPYING.