Utility library for managing the libnvdimm (non-volatile memory device) sub-system in the Linux kernel
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stellarhopper ndctl: release v62
This release incorporates functionality up to the 4.19 kernel, and a
number of bug fixes and improvements.

Highlights include addition of the 'ndctl monitor' command to monitor
for SMART health events, use of the new max_available_extent sysfs
attribute for namespace creation, verbosity levels for ndctl-list, a
udev rule for enabling the LSS latch when supported, a bypass route
for making the unsafe shutdown count available for non-privileged users,
improvements to ndctl-inject-smart that include an 'uninject' option
for all fields, and a new unit test, a number of static analysis fixes,
and unit test improvements and fixes.

    monitor: new command for monitoring SMART health events
    list: support -v, -vv, -vvv verbosity levels
    inject-smart: add --uninject-* and --uninject-all options
    create-namespace: use max_available_extent for namespace creation
    list: add new fields to -H for alarm_enabled_*
    list: always output JSON arrays when --human is absent

    dax.sh: dax-poisonCheck for availability of MAP_SYNC
    dax.sh: fix return code
    device-dax: relax canned timeouts
    monitor: new test
    inject-smart: new test
    max_available_extent_ns: new test

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Documentation ndctl: Add 'list' verbose options Aug 10, 2018
ccan ndctl: clamp dimm formats Jun 26, 2017
contrib ndctl, prepare-release.sh: fix revision update checks Aug 11, 2018
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licenses ndctl: remove unreferenced ccan license file Aug 29, 2016
m4 Import initial infrastructure Aug 27, 2014
ndctl ndctl: Work around kernel memory corruption Aug 13, 2018
sles ndctl: rework release collateral Feb 9, 2016
test ndctl, test: fix a resource leak in check_smart_threshold Aug 10, 2018
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test.h ndctl, test: Disable poison tests for now Jun 15, 2018



Utility library for managing the libnvdimm (non-volatile memory device) sub-system in the Linux kernel


./configure CFLAGS='-g -O2' --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libdir=/usr/lib64
make check
sudo make install

There are a number of packages required for the build steps that may not be installed by default. For information about the required packages, see the "BuildRequires:" lines in ndctl.spec.in.



See the latest documentation for the NVDIMM kernel sub-system here:


A getting started guide is also available on the kernel.org nvdimm wiki:


Unit Tests

The unit tests run by make check require the nfit_test.ko module to be loaded. To build and install nfit_test.ko:

  1. Obtain the kernel source. For example,
    git clone -b libnvdimm-for-next git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/nvdimm/nvdimm.git

  2. Skip to step 3 if the kernel version is >= v4.8. Otherwise, for kernel versions < v4.8, configure the kernel to make some memory available to CMA (contiguous memory allocator). This will be used to emulate DAX.


    cma=200M on the kernel command line.

  3. Compile the libnvdimm sub-system as a module, make sure "zone device" memory is enabled, and enable the btt, pfn, and dax features of the sub-system:

  4. Build and install the unit test enabled libnvdimm modules in the following order. The unit test modules need to be in place prior to the depmod that runs during the final modules_install

    make M=tools/testing/nvdimm
    sudo make M=tools/testing/nvdimm modules_install
    sudo make modules_install
  5. Now run make check in the ndctl source directory, or ndctl test, if ndctl was built with --enable-test.


The unit tests will validate that the environment is set up correctly before they try to run. If the platform is misconfigured, i.e. the unit test modules are not available, or the test versions of the modules are superseded by the "in-tree/production" version of the modules make check will skip tests and report a message like the following in test/test-suite.log:

SKIP: libndctl
test/init: nfit_test_init: nfit.ko: appears to be production version: /lib/modules/4.8.8-200.fc24.x86_64/kernel/drivers/acpi/nfit/nfit.ko.xz
__ndctl_test_skip: explicit skip test_libndctl:2684
nfit_test unavailable skipping tests

If the unit test modules are indeed available in the modules 'extra' directory the default depmod policy can be overridden by adding a file to /etc/depmod.d with the following contents:

override nfit * extra
override device_dax * extra
override dax_pmem * extra
override libnvdimm * extra
override nd_blk * extra
override nd_btt * extra
override nd_e820 * extra
override nd_pmem * extra

The nfit_test module emulates pmem with memory allocated via vmalloc(). One of the side effects is that this breaks 'physically contiguous' assumptions in the driver. Use the '--align=4K option to 'ndctl create-namespace' to avoid these corner case scenarios.