Tool tracing syscalls in a fast way using eBPF linux kernel feature
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vltrace: syscall tracer using eBPF

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This is the top-level of vltrace.

vltrace is a syscall tracing tool which utilizes eBPF - an efficient tracing feature of the Linux kernel.


Please see the file LICENSE for information on how this tool is licensed.


The vltrace depends on libbcc library. The installation guide of libbcc can be found here.


  • kernel v4.7 or later (to attach eBPF to tracepoints)
  • kernel headers installed:
    • 'kernel-devel' package on RHEL, Fedora and CentOS or
    • 'linux-headers' package on Debian and Ubuntu
  • libbcc v0.4.0
  • CAP_SYS_ADMIN capability (required by the bpf() syscall)
  • mounted debugfs and tracefs


For more information about this tool contact:

  • Lukasz Dorau (lukasz.dorau at

or create an issue here.