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This is currently moved to FeedbackXBlock. This was an early prototype. Shoo. Go there, not here. We still need this repo for backwards-compatibility, but that's a nicer place to look.

This is a basic clone of Dropthought for use in Open edX. This doesn't have all the analytics niceness, and the UX is less polished.

I'm not positioning this as a competitor to DropThought or similar services; ideally, once we collect the data, we'll just ship the data off to their fancy analytics algorithms, but we won't have to bother with (a somewhat less reliable, integrated, and performant) services-based integration, and we'll have something:

  • Nicely integrated from a user standpoint
  • Data lives in the platform, so we can use our own analytics pipeline on it as well.

As of the time this README is written, we still need to apply styling, but for now, it looks like:

Screenshot of the RateXBlock

This can be placed anywhere in the courseware, and students can provide feedback on those sections. With just a few database queries, we can compile that feedback into useful insights. ;)

This is not yet installed on, but hopefully soon will be. It installs on any Open edX install same as any other xblock:

pip install -e git+

From there, add 'rate' to your list of advanced modules, and you're good to go.


Probably obsolete: XBlock for rating course content. Replaced with FeedbackXBlock



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