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Custom PHP build scripts for PocketMine-MP

Build status

Looking for prebuilt binaries? Head over to releases

Bash script used to compile PHP on MacOS and Linux platforms. Make sure you have make autoconf automake libtool m4 wget getconf gzip bzip2 bison g++ git cmake pkg-config re2c ca-certificates.


  • If you're going to use the compiled binary only on the machine you're build it on, remove the -t option for best performance - this will allow the script to optimize for the current machine rather than a generic one.
  • ext-gd2 is NOT included unless the -g flag is provided, as PocketMine-MP doesn't need it. However, if your plugins need it, don't forget to enable it using -g.
  • The -c and -l options can be used to specify cache folders to speed up recompiling if you're recompiling many times (e.g. to improve the script).

Common pitfalls

  • Avoid using the script in directory trees containing spaces. Some libraries don't like trying to be built in directory trees containing spaces, e.g. /home/user/my folder/pocketmine-mp/ might experience problems.

Additional notes

Mac OSX (native compile)

  • Most dependencies can be installed using Homebrew
  • You will additionally need glibtool (GNU libtool, xcode libtool won't work)

Android 64-bit (cross-compile)

  • Only aarch64 targets are supported for Android cross-compile.
  • The aarch64-linux-musl toolchain is required. You can compile and install it using (PMMP fork includes musl-libc patches for DNS resolver config path and increasing stack size limit for LevelDB)
Script flags Description
-c Uses the folder specified for caching downloaded tarballs, zipballs etc.
-d Compiles with debugging symbols and disables optimizations (slow, but useful for debugging segfaults)
-D Compiles with separated debugging symbols, but leaves optimizations enabled (used for distributed binaries)
-g Will compile GD2
-j Set make threads to #
-l Uses the folder specified for caching compilation artifacts (useful for rapid rebuild and testing)
-n Don't remove sources after completing compilation
-s Will compile everything statically
-t Set target
-v Enable Valgrind support in PHP
-x Specifies we are doing cross-compile
-P Compiles extensions for the major PocketMine-MP version specified (can be 4 or 5)


Target Arguments
linux64 -t linux64 -j4 -P5
linux64, PM4 -t linux64 -j4 -P4
mac64 -t mac-x86-64 -j4 -P5
android-aarch64 -t android-aarch64 -x -j4 -P5


Batch script utilizing Visual Studio on Windows to compile PHP binaries from sources. Ensure you have Visual Studio 2019, git, 7z and wget installed in your PATH.

This script doesn't accept parameters, but the following environment variables are influential:

Variable Description
PHP_DEBUG_BUILD Disables optimisations and builds PHP with detailed debugging information (useful for debugging segfaults)
SOURCES_PATH Where to put the downloaded sources for compilation
VS_EDITION Edition of Visual Studio installed, set to Community by default
PM_VERSION_MAJOR Major version of PocketMine-MP to build extensions for (defaults to 4, can be 4 or 5)