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Izem is a shared-memory synchronization library that offers several synchronization mechanisms (e.g. locks and conditional variables) and also concurrent data-structures (e.g. lists and queues).

  1. Getting Started
  2. Testing
  3. Reporting Problems
  4. Etymology

  1. Getting Started ==================

The following instructions take you through a sequence of steps to get the default configuration up and running.

(a) You will need the following prerequisites.

- REQUIRED: This tar file izem-%VERSION%.tar.gz

- REQUIRED: A C compiler (gcc is sufficient)

Also, you need to know what shell you are using since different shell
has different command syntax. Command "echo $SHELL" prints out the
current shell used by your terminal program.

(b) Unpack the tar file and go to the top level directory:

  tar xzf izem-%VERSION%.tar.gz
  cd izem-%VERSION%

If your tar doesn't accept the z option, use

  gunzip izem-%VERSION%.tar.gz
  tar xf izem-%VERSION%.tar
  cd izem-%VERSION%

(c) Choose an installation directory, say /home//izem-install, which is assumed to non-existent or empty.

(d) Specify the installation directory:

for csh and tcsh:

  ./configure --prefix=/home/<USERNAME>/izem-install |& tee c.txt

for bash and sh:

  ./configure --prefix=/home/<USERNAME>/izem-install 2>&1 | tee c.txt

Bourne-like shells, sh and bash, accept "2>&1 |".  Csh-like shell,
csh and tcsh, accept "|&". If a failure occurs, the configure
command will display the error. Most errors are straight-forward
to follow.

(e) Build Izem:

for csh and tcsh:

  make |& tee m.txt

for bash and sh:

  make 2>&1 | tee m.txt

This step should succeed if there were no problems with the
preceding step. Check file m.txt. If there were problems, do a
"make clean" and then run make again with V=1.

  make V=1 |& tee m.txt       (for csh and tcsh)


  make V=1 2>&1 | tee m.txt   (for bash and sh)

Then go to step (3) below, for reporting the issue to the Izem
developers and other users.

(f) Install Izem:

for csh and tcsh:

  make install |& tee mi.txt

for bash and sh:

  make install 2>&1 | tee mi.txt

This step collects all required executables and scripts in the bin
subdirectory of the directory specified by the prefix argument to

  1. Testing ===================

We package a test suite in the Izem distribution. You can run the test suite in the test directory using:

 make check


 make testing

The distribution also includes some Izem examples. You can run them in the examples directory using:

 make check


 make testing

If you run into any problems on running the test suite or examples, please follow step (3) below for reporting them to the Izem developers and other users.

  1. Reporting Problems =====================

If you have problems with the installation or usage of Izem, please contact Halim Amer at aamer (at) anl (dot) gov

  1. Etymology =====================

Izem means Lion in Berber. "I" here is pronounced "E" in English (the whole word will sound similar to "Eden").


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