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This plugin uses the JEB debugger API to monitor the use of cryptographic primitives in a running Android application, specifically the methods in the Cipher abstract class. This plugin is intended as proof-of-concept code show-casing what can be done with the IDebuggerUnit et al. set of interfaces.

Note that this plugin can be used with any client, such as the official UI RCP client, or a headless client.

How to use as a stand-alone Jar plugin:

  • Navigate to the build/ folder
  • Build the plugin using Ant: ant -file build-andhook.xml -Dversion=1.0.0 clean build package
  • Copy to your JEB coreplugins/ folder and start JEB

How to use in a development environment, via the RCP desktop client:

  • Set the plugin's *.class files folder and class name in the Development tab of the Options dialog
  • Restart JEB
  • Open an APK
  • Start a debugging session, then run the plugin (via File, Engines menu.)