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A Markdown preprocessor for Svelte. Markdown in Svelte.


This is a monorepo containing mdsvex and any supporting packages. Each repo has its own readme with more details.

  • site - The documentation website.
  • mdsvex - mdsvex itself.
  • svelte-parse - Generate a svast AST from a Svelte components.
  • svast - An AST specification with accompanying TypeScript definitions.
  • svast-stringify - Turn a svast AST into a Svelte component.
  • svast-utils - Utilities for working with a svast tree.


Contributions are welcome. This repo uses changesets to manage changelogs and versioning. All pull requests need an accompanying changeset file (PRs to the documentation website do not need a changeset file). If you know how changesets work then feel free to add one with the appropriate packages, versions and a description of the change. If you don't know how changesets work, don't worry about it, I am happy to add one (a little robot will also add some details to the PR when you open it as well, if you want to learn more).