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Native-like Page Transitions with Svelte and Sapper, A Travel App.
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The actual app on the actual internet.

A clone of Sarah Drasner's Vue/Nuxt page-transitions-travelapp built with Svelte and Sapper. All credit goes to Sarah!

This was built with alpha versions of Svelte and Sapper, so who knows what might explode. I didn't do the map thing because I have no idea what it's supposed to be!

There has been some attempt to Sveltify things a little. This version uses animejs instead of GSAP and in place of Vuex I used a combination of Svelte 3's built-in Reactive Store and Immer. Neither of these libraries are strictly speaking necessary (especially Immer) and I considered removing them but decided to leave them in to illustrate using such libraries with Svelte and Sapper. My changes are not a slight on these libraries, they are all excellent, I just decided to change things up a little.

Other changes to the code (other than just syntax) were necessary due to the differences between Svelte and Vue.


Clone the project to get started. Then:

# install dependencies
yarn install # or npm!

# run the dev build
yarn dev

# build for production
yarn build

# build a static site
yarn export
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