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Microsoft Teams Development Community Samples

Microsoft Teams is highly extensible, allowing 3rd party and custom applications to run alongside the many Office 365 services already included in Teams. Just as you can add a Word tab or the Who bot in Teams, you can write your own tabs and bots. You can also write applications that run outside the Teams UI and use the Microsoft Graph API to access and curate Teams content.

Recently, Microsoft has enabled some of the features in Teams applications to work in Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft 365 app. At the time of this writing, these are limited to personal tabs, search message extensions, and link unfurling. Many of the more recent samples work in these new locations.

This repository contains community samples that demonstrate different usage patterns for developing on Microsoft Teams as a platform. Samples are generally not production-ready, but are intended to show developers patterns and use cases for use in complete applications. Some samples are very bare bones to show how to do something specific, while others are partial or complete applications. Many are useful on their own, but it's up to you to check that they're secure and meet your standards.

This repo is maintained by the Microsoft 365 & Power Platform Community; please join our community calls for announcements and sample demos every other Thursday. The "pnp" in the URL is for "Patterns and Practices", and it's all about sharing our patterns and practices for building solutions on Microsoft 365.

If you're looking for Teams development samples, here's a handy guide:

  • Code-first samples from the community belong in this repo.
  • Code-first samples from Microsoft belong in this repo
  • Samples using Teams Toolkit live in this repo
  • Power Platform samples from the community - including some Teams samples - can be found in this repo

The easy way to browse through all the samples is to visit the Microsoft 365 Sample Solution Gallery.

Using the samples

To search all the samples, please visit our Sample Browser{target=_blank}, which aggreagates samples from this and other repositories.

To browse the samples in this repo, please visit the /samples folder. It contains a child folder for each sample, named with a prefix as follows:

Prefix Description
app- These are samples of apps that have multiple Teams app capabilities such as a tab and a bot
bot- These are apps that contain a chatbot for use in Teams
msgext- These are apps that contain one or more messaging extensions, including link unfurling, search, and action message extensions
tabs- These are apps that contain one or more tabs, including personal, group, channel, and meeting tabs

Due to the diversity of the samples and technologies, there are no fixed instructions for building or using the samples. Each sample includes a readme file with a description, screen shot(s), requirements, and build instructions.


We welcome community contributions to the samples folder in this repository! If you've built something cool, or figured out how to do something that's usable by others, consider sharing it as a sample. Please see our contribution guidelines for details.

Questions or Problems?

Please do not open GitHub issues for support questions with Microsoft 365 or developer tools. The GitHub issues list should be used for sample requests and bug reports. This way we can more easily track actual issues or bugs from the code and keep the general discussion separate from the actual code.

If you have questions about how to develop Teams applications or any of the provided samples, please use the following resources:

Technology Location for issues/questions
General Teams development questions Stack Overflow for Teams
Bot Framework SDK Bot Framework resources
Microsoft Graph Microsoft Graph Support
Microsoft Teams JavaScript SDK Use the feedback link at the footer of the docs page
SharePoint Framework with Teams sp-dev-docs repository issue list


These samples are from the Microsoft 365 developer community. We welcome your samples and suggestions for new ones.

Please have a look on our Contribution Guidance before submitting your pull requests, so that we can get your contribution processed as fast as possible. Thx.

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