Microsoft Bot Builder extension library for developing bots for Microsoft Teams
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Bot Builder Microsoft Teams Extensions

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The Microsoft Bot Builder SDK Teams Extensions allow you to build bots for Microsoft Teams quickly and easily. Review the documentation to get started!

This SDK allows you to easily...

  • Fetch a list of channels in a team
  • Fetch profile info about all members of a team
  • Fetch tenant-id from an incoming message to bot
  • Create 1:1 chat with a specific user
  • Mention a specific user
  • Consume various events like channel-created, team-renamed, etc.
  • Accept messages only from specific tenants
  • Write Compose Extensions
  • and more!


If you are building your bot in .NET, simply grab the Microsoft.Bot.Connector.Teams nuget.

If you are using Node, grab the botbuilder-teams NPM instead.

Get started quickly with our samples:

  • Sample bot C#
  • Sample bot Node

Questions, bugs, feature requests, and contributions

Please review the information here.


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