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This functionality is now in the core Bot Framework SDK

This functionality has been moved into the core Bot Framework SDK. You should update your Bot Framework SDK to version 4.6 rather than using this SDK.

This SDK will be deprecated, and will not receive further updates.

Bot Builder Microsoft Teams Extensions

Build status

The Microsoft Bot Builder SDK Teams Extensions allow you to build bots for Microsoft Teams quickly and easily. Review the documentation to get started!

Note that the Bot Builder Extensions does NOT yet work with Bot Framework SDK 4.x. It currently only works with Bot Framework SDK 3.x.

This SDK allows you to easily...

  • Fetch a list of channels in a team
  • Fetch profile info about all members of a team
  • Fetch tenant-id from an incoming message to bot
  • Create 1:1 chat with a specific user
  • Mention a specific user
  • Consume various events like channel-created, team-renamed, etc.
  • Accept messages only from specific tenants
  • Write Compose Extensions
  • and more!


If you are building your bot in .NET, simply grab the Microsoft.Bot.Connector.Teams nuget.

If you are using Node, grab the botbuilder-teams NPM instead.

Get started quickly with our samples:

  • Sample bot C#
  • Sample bot Node

Questions, bugs, feature requests, and contributions

Please review the information here.


This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

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