Pokemon Online webclient
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A simple webclient for Pokemon Online written in javascript. You can try it online.


On Linux:

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

sudo npm install -g bower
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

On Windows, install chocolatey and then in administrative command line:

choco install nodejs.install git

npm install -g bower
npm install -g grunt-cli


In your project's directory:

git submodule init
git submodule update
npm install
bower install
grunt concat
grunt less
grunt copy

Follow the instructions in the battle window folder as well! Afterwards, as well as each time the battle window is rebuilt, do:

grunt copy

You may need to run the terminal in administrative mode (Windows) or do commands with sudo (Linux).

Open a terminal in the project directory and type the grunt command. It'll update automatically when css and js files are changed.

Basic explanation of the commmands:

  • npm install: To run when nodejs dependencies are updated, aka package.json is changed
  • bower install: To run when new libraries are downloaded via bower, aka bower.json is changed
  • grunt less: To run when .less files are changed, generates the .css files.
  • grunt concat: To run when the .js files are updated. Generates the aggregated .js files as well as the .html files
  • grunt copy: To run once after bower install to copy bootstrap fonts to the public/ folder. Also copies animated battle window files to public/battle.


Run node server.js and open your browser at http://localhost:7070.

Run locally

sudo npm install -g electron

electron main.js


You can edit serverconfig.js.


sudo npm install electron-packager -g

electron-packager . --all --out=build/Release --ignore="animated-battle-window" --ignore="app/assets" --ignore="build" --ignore="bower_components" --ignore="scripts"

Additional Setup

You may want to install other things in order to run the scripts: python3 and imagemagick. They can be both installed in a similar fashion with apt-get / choco.