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= ModBoost =

That project is an attempt to modularise Boost, thanks to both CMake and
Ruby/Rake. The project is hosted on GitHub:

There is (at least) another Boost modularisation initiative
relying on three GitHub-hosted projects:

ModBoost relies on all the good ideas from that project and tries to achieve
the same goals in a much simpler way. That can be achieved by using all
the expressivity and efficiency of Rake/Ruby, rather than CMake,
in order to handle the co-location of several modules (Boost libraries).

= Starter Guide for Developers =

1/ Please check that you have ruby and rake installed.
   On Fedora, for instance, the packages can be installed with:
   yum -y install rubygem-rake ruby ruby-libs

2/ Copy the 'modboost.yaml.sample' sample configuration file
   as 'modboost.yaml'. Then, alter it according to your environment.

3/ Display the list of available targets:

    $ rake --tasks

   For instance:
    $ rake checkout
    $ rake configure
    $ rake check
    $ rake install
    $ rake dist