Reactive Android with type-safety.
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Reactive Android with type-safety

Reactoid provides two-way data binding on Android, similar to what AngularJS or React does. For example, given this very short code below, text you typed in the EditText is synchronized with the title of the Button in real-time.

val txt = EditText("Hello").textVar
Button(txt() + ", world!")

Becuase Reactoid is based on Scaloid and Scala.Rx, you can take advantage of sophisticated asynchronous task management, better runtime performance, and type-safety. These are not easily achievable from javascript-based frameworks.

Reactoid is currently in the proof-of-concept stage. Everything can be changed.


Go to the sample directory and just do sbt run


  • Sbt 0.13.7 or above
  • Android build tools 22.0.0 or above
  • Android API Level 22
    • Level 22 is required for building, while this app retains runtime compatibility from API Level 15. Please refer to minSdkVersion property in AndroidManifest.xml.