Can't mention two people with the same name #50

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geowa4 commented Aug 27, 2012

Mentioning someone with the same name as someone who was already tagged, replaces the original tag with the new mention.


auchenberg commented Aug 28, 2012

This is actually on purpose. This is the reason why similar values should be filtered out of the autocompleter data.

Conceptually I don't think it doesn't make sense to mention the same person twice.

geowa4 commented Aug 28, 2012

I don't really see how this is related to mentioning the same person twice. I completely agree with the restriction here. However, if I know two people named John Smith, I should be able to mention them both.

Internally, the mention syntax of the originally tagged John Smith is replaced with the mention syntax of the most recently mentioned John Smith.

Any way to enable mentioning the same multiple times?

geowa4 commented Sep 4, 2012

@TorbenVesterager: Yeah, it's a fairly simple code change. Most of it isprobably in the updateValues function. However, I agree with @auchenberg on that. It doesn't make sense. Even Facebook doesn't let you do that.

I actually use it for a referencing solution thing, where it might make sense to reference the same field multiple times

Same if you mention someone who's name is a subset of a previous mention, e.g. you first mention "John Smith" then mention "John"

I'm also interested to know how to make another person with the same name which already tagged available in autocomplete....

there can be 2 users with same names. John[id=1] and John[id=2]. how to tag both ones. currenlty it removes both if we select 1?


juanvillegas commented Jul 6, 2015

I think this pull should fix it: #136


djhvscf commented Jul 6, 2015

Yes, you're right.. Thanks @juanvillegas

@djhvscf djhvscf closed this Jul 6, 2015

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