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A pastebin implementation in node.js
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This project is no longer supported. Some dependencies have security vulernabilities - use at your own risk.


Created by Petro Podrezo. View project on GitHub


git clone && cd pastebinjs

Install bower and grunt if you haven't already:

npm install -g bower grunt-cli


bower install
npm install

About the project

PasteBin.JS is a pastebin implementation in node.js. A pastebin is a type of website that allows people to share snippets of code or text quickly and easily over the web. The key features of pastebin.js are:

  • Elegant, modern UI written in Angular.JS with Bootstrap
  • Includes CodeMirror (code editor with syntax highlighting) allowing improved editing capabilities over most other pastebins
  • Fully documented REST API comes out of the box
  • Free & open source (MIT License)

Isn't that basically GitHub gists?

Sort of, but with this project you can run your own 'gist' repository instead of relying on GitHub. In itself this is a potential advantage for privacy reasons, however PasteBin.JS also allows syntax highlighting as you're editing the code online which Gists doesn't do. Moreover, no account of any kind is required to use pastebin.js - just paste and go and it has an API which allows you to create posts via other means than just the web.


The configuration file is config.js in the root directory. It should be more or less self-explanatory but here's a quick rundown of the options:

  • listenport determines which TCP port the server will listen on. You can reverse proxy your Apache/NGINX installation to this port if you so choose.
  • logFilePath determines the name of the file to log to (optional)
  • trustProxy this enables or disables express's 'trust proxy' mode which you can read about here. The short of it is, if you're using the application behind a reverse proxy like NGINX or apache, set this to true or else you're going to see your proxy's IP in the logs instead of the client's. Even better, set this to an IP or array of IP's that are trusted proxies. It is directly passed to express.
  • refererRegex is a regex for valid referrers. localhost is always allowed as a valid referer. You must set this to the expected referer value that will be sent by clients because otherwise the API will be restricted to avoid CSRF and similar malicious behavior. Any referer that doesn't match this regex will not be allowed access to the API and so not adding all variations of your expected possible referers will effectively make the site not work unless you set up...
  • apiAccessControlList which is an array of app_id and app_secret pairs (which are both strings). This allows the use of the API even without a referer header by specifying a header of the format Authorization: OAuth app_id="myapp",app_secret="42" where the values exactly match an entry in this array. Please note that this will only help against other websites trying to use your API - any application that allows the developer to control the referer header will inevitably make it possible to forge the header and allow access without valid API credentials. This is an ongoing issue that has not yet been solved.
  • maxRecentPosts is the number of posts to show in 'recent posts'
  • postRestrictions.titleLength is the maximum number of characters in the title
  • postRestrictions.pasteLength is the maximum number of characters in the body
  • supportedExpiryTimes are the possible expiry times
  • supportedLanguages are all the languages supported by the pastebin. This is identical to what is in CodeMirror's meta.js file. You can comment out as needed, but if you introduce new options then make sure you have the corresponding modes installed in the static/cmmodes directory.


The database settings are configurable in db.js. By default you will need a local instance of mongodb with no authentication. The application will use a collection called "pastebinjs"

Running the Application

Remember to run npm install to download all the dependencies before running the application, then run npm start to start it.

To-Do List

There are a few features that I would like to add sometime in the future including:

  • The ability to upload a post directly instead of pasting it (including drag and drop, ideally)
  • Do something with the expiry timer - currently it is not really used for anything; should clear out expired posts