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libPointCloud SDK is a cross-platform library for PointCloud.AI® DepthEye™ depth cameras.
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libPointCloud SDK is a cross-platform library for PointCloud.AI® DepthEye™ depth cameras.

Developer kits containing the necessary hardware to use this library are available for purchase at .

Supported TOF chip

Sony IMX556

The IMX556 is a fully integrated optical Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera sensor. The sensor features 640 x 480 (VGA) time-of-flight pixels based on the DepthSense® pixel technology. Combined with a modulated light source, this sensor is capable of measuring distance and reflectivity with VGA resolution.

Functions and Features

  • Back-illuminated Time-of-flight image sensor ◆High signal to noise ratio (SNR)
  • Full resolution @max60 frame/s (4phase/frame) ◆Pixel binning readout function
  • Independent flipping and mirroring
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Unit cell size : 10.0 um (H) × 10.0 um (V)
  • Operation temperature : -30 to +75 ̊C
  • Performance guarantee temperature : -10 to +60 ̊C

What’s included in the SDK:

What Description
Dependent library files We provide SDK for those platforms : Linux \ Mac OS \ Windows \ Android.
Code Samples These simple examples demonstrate how to easily use the SDK to include code snippets that access the camera into your applications. Check some of the C++ examples including capture, pointcloud and gesture recognition.
Tools PointCloudTool is a visualization tool which is based on the libPointCloud SDK API.
Wrappers Python API, ROS, OpenCV and more to come

Visualization tool Snapshot

PointCloudTool is a visualization tool

Getting started

0) Hardware Install

Please add one usb hub with Independent power supply. Then insert the double head USB cable together on the USB hub and connect the usb hub to your PC.


To install vim and cmake, please run:

sudo apt-get install cmake vim

Please run # uname -a to check system platform version first.

Plateform SDK Path
MacOs /libs/macos
Ubuntu /libs/ubuntu
Windows /libs/windows

Modify .bashrc to set environment variables:

# vim ~/.bashrc

add below source code to the end of bashrc file:

export POINTCLOUD_SDK_PATH="your_directory/libs/ubuntu"

PS:Please remember to replace ubuntu with your system platform.

We need to make above changes come into effect:

# source ~/.bashrc

Finally, echo the constant to verify :


2) SET USB Driver

(For Ubuntu only)


3) Make

In the root directory of SDK, run below commands one by one:

$ mkdir build

$ cd build/ 

$ cmake ..

$ make 

You can get message as below :

[100%] Built target DepthAscii

Plug the module and run it:


You can see the result!

DepthAscii's result


Learn more to use libPointCloud at our wiki.


Please send mail to We will reply you asap.

Check or raise issue on [Issue tracking] (

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