Fix memory leak in IOS7 #382

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heroims commented Nov 29, 2013

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@jogu jogu referenced this pull request Dec 2, 2013


fix leak in IOS7 #381


jogu commented Dec 2, 2013

This looks like a relatively big change - is it possible to get a bit more info about why the old code was wrong, and how the new code solves it?

If anyone else tests the code in here, it would be great to have some comments to say if it works or not etc. (I don't have any live projects that still use ASIHTTPRequest.)

I have tested this modification,it works out,solved the iOS 7 memory leak issue.Thanks for heroims' contribution!


jogu commented Dec 13, 2013

Great, thanks @LuoDengfeng

Has anyone been able to check if the metrics still work? (I think that's the bandwidth recording code etc.)

I'd be interested to know if anyone has checked it on Mac OS X or not too.

danoli3 commented Mar 26, 2014

This is quite critical. Merge to Master @pokeb when you check it out :D!

kejinlu commented Apr 14, 2014

@pokeb can you fix the leak problem?


jogu commented Apr 14, 2014

pokeb isn't active on the project anymore.

I'm happy to look at merging this, but my time is very limited, so it's really useful if other people can help - the work that stills needs to be done is to resolve the conflicts, confirm if metrics still work and check this on Mac OS X.

kejinlu commented Apr 17, 2014

@heroims 我感觉这个修复,没有看出leak的真正的原因或者切入点在哪里。 只是覆盖了CFNetwork底层可能调用到的NSInputStream的一些没有公开的接口,万一以后苹果再更新它的实现,是不是又会出问题!

heroims commented Apr 17, 2014

@kejinlu 那时候我再做新调整

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