Collection of decoded GAME_MASTER-protobuf files
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This repository is collection of the decoded GAME_MASTER-protobuf files

Getting Started

If you want to have the latest GAME_MASTER version simply execute the following shell command. This downloads the latest GAME_MASTER.json file of this repository.



Make sure you install the package by running npm i pokemongo-game-master. Simply request the versions in the formats protobuf or json inside your code. Behind the scenes it will fetch the data from this repository and returns the value in a promise.

const gameMaster = require('pokemongo-game-master');

gameMaster.getVersion('latest', 'json').then(console.log); // Returns as object: { itemTemplates: [ ... ], timestampMs: '1512514949791' }
gameMaster.getVersion('0.83.3', 'protobuf').then(console.log); // Returns the version 0.83.3 as string

Community Day JSON files

Community day JSON files are found in the special folder. They contain the moves that were available on that particular community day


The contrib file is for 3rd party generated json files. Currently historical Pokebattler json files can be found there