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A beancount fava extension to add a envelope budgeting capability to fava and beancount. It is developed as an fava plugin and CLI.

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Click the link to be able to see the plugin in action

  1. Click the link
  2. Click Run
  3. When the web pane opens, click the open in new tab ( have not figurec ouf why it is not showing in the initial window )
  4. Click the "Fava Envelope" link in fava to see the plugin

Installation via pip

python -m pip install fava-envelope


  • add example file for screenshots and testing
  • Add testing
  • add charts

Running fava-envelope

Load the Extension

Add this to your beancount journal, and start fava as normal

2000-01-01 custom "fava-extension" "fava_envelope" "{}"

You should now see 'Envelope' in your fava window. You must set up a budget (see below), or else Fava will report a 404 error.

Setting up budget

Set the budget start date

start date in the format <4 digit year>-<2 digit month>

2020-01-01 custom "envelope" "start date" "2020-01"

Budget months ahead

If you want to see future months (to budget ahead), set this parameter

2020-01-01 custom "envelope" "months ahead" "2"

The default is 0

Set up Budget Accounts

You will need to specify the Assets and Liabilities you want included in your budget (For example ignoring Investment accounts). you can use regular expression in these statements

2020-01-01 custom "envelope" "budget account" "Assets:Checking"
2020-01-01 custom "envelope" "budget account" "Liabilities:Credit-Cards:*"

Set up mappings

By default fava-envelope will use the Assets/Liabilities/Income/Expenses buckets that are not listed in the budget accounts. this directive allows you to map them to another bucket

2020-01-01 custom "envelope" "mapping" "Expenses:Food:*" "Expenses:Food"

Allocate money to a bucket

2020-01-31 custom "envelope" "allocate" "Expenses:Food" 100.00

Set up operating currency

The envelopes will read the operating currency from the core beancount option.

option "operating_currency" "EUR"

It will default to USD if this option is not set. Only a single currency is supported for the budget.


A beancount fava extension to add a envelope budgeting capability



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