• Nov 6, 2013


    New clocks and fix compilation
    Update license
    Improve doc
    Add some clocks and handle OpenBSD and FreeBSD
    Fix native compilation issue on Ubuntu 13.10 (library ordering)
    Bump version to 0.4
  • May 16, 2011


    Version 0.3
    Add pthread to dependency (necessary on some ocaml builds)
    Get clock ids dynamically
    Update ocamldoc
    Fix examples
  • Oct 14, 2010


    Add -fPIC to CFLAGS and fix examples compilation
    Now works on x86-64 thanks to Florent (issue #1)!
  • Sep 17, 2010


    Better docs and build, version 0.2
    Ocamldoc generation
    Better doc in oclock.mli
    Add a precision evaluation function in examples/realtime.ml
    Add one example examples/getcputime.ml
    Improve README
    Use markdown in README
    Add Findlib support
    Minor fix in error handling in pthread_getcpuclockid
  • May 11, 2010