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This repo was archived. New repo is:

Polkawallet built with Flutter,


Polkawallet provide one-stop management for cross-chain assets, convenient staking and governance operations, and the private key is self-owned.


Polkawallet is aiming to provide a more convenient entrance of the polkadot network for all the users of Polkadot/Kusama/Substrate-based-blockchains.

  • Friendly UI.
  • Secure local accounts storage.
  • Intuitive Tokens management.
  • Simplified staking & governance operations.
  • Offline signature supported.
  • Available for both IOS and Android.


  • Account management for all Substrate-based-blockchains(i.e. Polkadot, Kusama, Acala...).
  • Import account with Mnemonics, Raw Seed and Keystore. Encrypt type Sr/Ed25519 supported, HD Derivation supported.
  • Social recovery.
  • Token transfer/staking/governance supported in Kusama/Polkadot.
  • DOT claim in Polkadot.
  • Token transfer/loan/swap/liquid-DOT supported in Acala Network testnet.
  • Token-transfer/synthetic-swap/margin-trade supported in Laminar testnet.
  • Basic account settings: changing name/password/address prefix/language/remote node.




  • Flutter 1.20.x statble
  • Dart 2.7.x
  • Node 12.x

Install Flutter

polkawallet_flutter is built with Flutter, you need to have Flutter dev tools installed on your computer to compile the project. check Flutter Documentation to learn how to install Flutter and initialize a Flutter App.

Build main.js of polkadot-js API

polkawallet_flutter connects substrate-based networks with polkadot-js/api, running in a hidden webview. You'll need Nodejs and yarn installed to build the bundled main.js file:

cd lib/polkadot_js_service/
# install nodejs dependencies
yarn install
# build main.js
yarn run build

Build Flutter App

While main.js was built in lib/polkadot_js_service/ directory, you may build the App with Flutter's Deployment Documentation.

Note that this project can be compiled both in Android and IOS, But there is an Issue running it on an IOS simulator, that the substrate sr25519 keyPair is generated within an WASM virtual machine which is not supported by IOS simulators.


Why use Flutter to develop?

The previous version tried to develop Polkawallet with React Native, we want to try different frameworks and explore different solutions. Through exploration, we saw that the fluency of the Flutter version has greatly improved, which is a good attempt.

Can other teams make secondary development based on Polkawallet?

Of course, we use a very loose Apache License 2.0, you can make free changes based on Polkawallet. We have contacted some projects to help them carry out secondary development. Such as There have the link of Github repository:

How can Polkawallet maintain development?

We got grants from Web3 Foundation, at the same time, we are helping Acala Network to develop convenient mobile interactions. In the future we want to actively join the ParaDAO that Acala Network is launching, this can be a way for many ecological projects to come together. Through ParaDAO, infrastructures such as Polkawallet and Parachain projects all have clear maintenance development plans.

View more info of Polkawallet


Tipping address

Kusama address: EyWJe5kRSpDXLSaUxE3WcoDSgSos2TpRL2rSSd45R61YRqH