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ppviz - view live pping output in a browser


ppviz is a web-based visualizer for pping. There are two versions of ppviz, offline and live. Both use output from pping run with the -m flag. The live version is in final testing, so the directory web currently contains everything needed for the offline version.

More information on ppviz and how to use it can be found at pollere.net/ppviz.html.


To invoke offline ppviz, open the ppvizFF.html file with a browser, either directly or by using a local web server. The ppviz page lets you chose a previously saved pping -m output for analysis.

To invoke ppviz on a live pping, first get the line2Chunk nodejs program. Then, from the command line, pping -m -i [interface] | node line2Chunk.js and from a browser window open ppvizCLI.html (or open on command line).


The web directory contains an example file, ppvizEX.txt.

See Also

pping at https://github/pollere/pping. line2Chunk at https://github/pollere/line2Chunk.


Kathleen Nichols nichols@pollere.net.


Copyright (c) 2017-8, Kathleen Nichols nichols@pollere.net.

Licensed under the GNU GPLv3. See LICENSE for more details.