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Official package of scripts and configs needed to run POL

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A basic working set of scripts used by the POL UO emulator. This is mostly an upgrade of the POL 0.95 Distro to work with current POL versions. It is a little more than that because I have included some of the scripts from the unfinished 0.97 Distro Austin started. His version of the "info" command is just one example.

Some of the code needs cleaned-up but it does compile. You can drop in the appropriate Core and after editing the proper config files you'll have a basic working server. There aren't many special scripts. I have tried to produce a Distro in the spirit of the original POL project which was a no-frills basic working shard that you could take and mold it into your world. That's the way the original POL developers had intended it to be.

There is a growing collection of documentation in the \docs\Additional Docs directory. I will add to it as time permits.