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Customized text fields used in the iCook app.

Build Status Carthage compatible CocoaPods Compatible Platform Swift 5


  • A text field that has a button to dismiss keyboard on the input accessory view.


  • A horizontal scrolling UI that groups input texts.
  • Easy to add, select and delete tokens.
  • Customizable icon and colors.
  • Supports storyboard.



  • An easy to use UIControl that displays a UIPickerView with given options.


ICInputAccessory iOS Xcode Swift
~> 1.0.0 8.0+ 7.2 Swift 2.1.1
~> 1.1.0 8.0+ 7.3 Swift 2.2
~> 1.2.0 8.0+ 8.0 Swift 2.3
~> 1.3.0 8.0+ 8.0 Swift 3.0
~> 1.4.0 8.0+ 8.3 Swift 3.1
~> 1.5.0 8.0+ 9.3 Swift 4.1
~> 2.0.0 8.0+ 10.0 Swift 4.1
develop 8.0+ 11.1 Swift 5.0


Use Carthage

Create a Cartfile with the following specification and run carthage update ICInputAccessory. Follow the instructions to add the framework to an iOS project.

github "polydice/ICInputAccessory"

Use CocoaPods

ICInputAccessory supports subspecs. Create a Podfile with the following specification and run pod install.

platform :ios, '8.0'

pod 'ICInputAccessory/TokenField'
pod 'ICInputAccessory/KeyboardDismissTextField'

Use Git Submodule

git submodule add -b master Dependencies/ICInputAccessory
  • Everything you need resides in the Source directory. Add those files to your project.
  • Alternatively, drag ICInputAccessory.xcodeproj to your app project as a subproject. Add ICInputAccessory-iOS to the Target Dependencies in the application target's Build Phases settings.



let textField = KeyboardDismissTextField(frame: rect)


let tokenField = TokenField(frame: rect)
tokenField.delegate = self as? TokenFieldDelegate

The characters that complete a token:

/// Characters that complete a new token, defaults are whitespace and commas.
public var delimiters: [String]


/// Texts of each created token.
public var texts: [String] { get }

/// Creates a token with the current input text.
public func completeCurrentInputText()

/// Removes the input text and all displayed tokens.
public func resetTokens()

UI customization:

/// The image on the left of text field.
public var icon: UIImage? { get set }

/// The placeholder with the default color and font.
public var placeholder: String? { get set }

/// The placeholder with customized attributes.
public var attributedPlaceholder: NSAttributedString? { get set }

/// Customized attributes for tokens in the normal state, e.g. .font and .foregroundColor.
public var normalTokenAttributes: [NSAttributedStringKey : NSObject]? { get set }

/// Customized attributes for tokens in the highlighted state.
public var highlightedTokenAttributes: [NSAttributedStringKey : NSObject]? { get set }

Customizable properties in storyboard:

@IBInspectable var icon: UIImage?
@IBInspectable var placeholder: String?
@IBInspectable var textColor: UIColor?
@IBInspectable var cornerRadius: CGFloat

See Example/CustomizedTokenField.swift for more details.


TokenField currently notifies its delegate the following events:

@objc optional func tokenFieldDidBeginEditing(_ tokenField: TokenField)
@objc optional func tokenFieldDidEndEditing(_ tokenField: TokenField)
@objc optional func tokenFieldWillReturn(_ tokenField: TokenField)
@objc optional func tokenField(_ tokenField: TokenField, didChangeInputText text: String)
@objc optional func tokenField(_ tokenField: TokenField, shouldCompleteText text: String) -> Bool
@objc optional func tokenField(_ tokenField: TokenField, didCompleteText text: String)
@objc optional func tokenField(_ tokenField: TokenField, didDeleteText text: String, atIndex index: Int)

The displayed delimiter string can be customized by:

@objc optional func tokenField(_ tokenField: TokenField, subsequentDelimiterForCompletedText text: String) -> String


An example type that conforms to OptionDescriptive:

extension String: OptionDescriptive {

  var title: String {
    return self

  static var titleForOptionalValue: String {
    return "(optional)"


To initialize OptionPickerControl with and add it to the view hierarchy:

let optionPicker = OptionPickerControl<String>()
optionPicker.options = [.optional, Option("Option 1"), Option("Option 2")]
optionPicker.addTarget(self, action: #selector(didChangeOption(_:)), for: .valueChanged)

To show the UIPickerView:




  • Set up dependencies by running the following command in the project root:

    make bootstrap
  • Open ICInputAccessory.xcworkspace and run the demo app with the Example scheme.

  • See more tasks for building and testing:

    rake -T


Thank you for being interested in contributing to this project. We'd love to hear your ideas!

Please fork this repository, create a branch named like feature/some-new-feature and send us a pull request to make this project better.


Twitter Join the chat at


Copyright (c) 2016 Polydice, Inc.

ICInputAccessory is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.