VNC server for Linux framebuffer devices
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VNC server for Linux framebuffer devices.

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The goal is to access remote embedded Linux systems without X. Implemented features: remote display, touchscreen Not implemented: keyboard, file transfer, ..

Remote display image is not perfect in some color configurations.

The code is based on a LibVNC example for Android:



sudo apt-get install libvncserver-dev

There are 2 options: CMake or qmake

Using cmake:

mkdir -p build && cd build
cmake ..

Using qmake:

mkdir -p build && cd build
qmake ../

command-line help

# framebuffer-vncserver -h
    framebuffer-vncserver [-f device] [-p port] [-t touchscreen] [-h]
    -p port: VNC port, default is 5900
    -f device: framebuffer device node, default is /dev/fb0
    -t device: touchscreen device node (example:/dev/input/event2)
    -h : print this help