Multiple USB File Flasher
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Popsicle is a Linux utility for flashing multiple USB devices in parallel, written in Rust.

Build Dependencies

If building the GTK front end, you will be required to install the development dependencies for GTK, usually named libgtk-3-dev. No other dependencies are required to build the CLI or GTK front ends, besides Rust's cargo utility.

For those who need to vendor Cargo's crate dependencies which are fetched from, you will need to install cargo-vendor, and then run make vendor.

Installation Instructions

A makefile is included for simply building and installing all required files into the system. You may either build both the CLI and GTK workspace, just the CLI workspace, or just the GTK workspace.

  • make cli && sudo make install-cli will build and install just the CLI workspace
  • make gtk && sudo make install-gtk will build and install just the GTK workspace
  • make && sudo make install will build and install both the CLI and GTK workspaces


Image Selection

Image Selection

Device Selection

Device Selection

The list will also dynamically refresh as devices are added and removed

GIF Demo

Device Flashing

Flashing Devices Flashing Devices