An experiment using the peerflix module of nodejs and connecting a bunch of APIs.
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#Popcorn time Dependency Status


Update 15 March 2014 : Sorry friends, but we removed issue tracking because it was being used to link elsewhere.


To allow any computer user to watch movies easily streaming from torrents, without any particular knowledge.

Demo Screenshot


Under development (RC1) for Mac OSX - Windows - Linux.


Currently used:

In discussion:



You will need nodejs and grunt:

$ npm install -g grunt-cli


Install the node modules:

$ npm install

Build with:

$ grunt nodewkbuild

By default it will build for your current platform however you can control that by specifying a comma separated list of platforms in the platforms option to grunt:

$ grunt nodewkbuild --platforms=linux32,linux64,mac,win

You can also build for all platforms with:

$ grunt nodewkbuild --platforms=all

Any problem?

Regarding superagent dependency

Due to wrong browser verification on a dependency, this hard fix must be applied. Replace node_modules/moviedb/node_modules/superagent/index.js contents with:

// if (typeof window != 'undefined') {
//   module.exports = require('./lib/superagent');
// } else if (process.env.SUPERAGENT_COV) {
//   module.exports = require('./lib-cov/node');
// } else {
  module.exports = require('./lib/node');
// }

Regarding Video, MP4 H264 Playback


  • Run compass watch in Terminal for CSS compiling and listen to future changes.
  • How to build with SublimeText
  • Currently Gaze to watch all files and reload the app is disabled due to memory leaks and unstability.
  • Run node-webkit from the root directory with --debug to enable debugging mode like so node-webkit . --debug