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Full-featured social network with many activities such as following users, sharing posts/photos, and commenting and liking friends' shared items.
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Deployed here.


When you first visit, you will be prompted to register for the site or sign in. Feel free to make a new account or to sign in with the email test3[at] and password password. If you sign in, you will have more immediate access to many user interactions of the site. (Note: test[0-9] are all valid emails.)

If you choose to build a new account, fill out your profile on the next page.

Once signed in, you will see a navigation bar underneath the large cover photo and next to the user headshot.

  • Timeline: A feed of all photos and posts from the user currently being visited. If your own page, posting is available here.
  • About: The profile of the the user currently being visited. If your own page, profile editing is available here.
  • Photos: Photos of the user currently being viisited. If your own page, photo upload is available here.
  • Friends: Friends of the user currently being visited. If your own page, defriending is available here.

Another feed is available by clicking the logo in the top left of the window.

  • News Feed: A feed of all posts and photos from self and friends. Posting is available here.

Guided Tour

  1. Log in with email and password password.
  2. Edit the profile to reflect your information. The link is in the right most area of the middle navigation bar.
  3. Change up your profile and cover photos! Click on Photos then the 'Add Photo' button on the right most area of the middle navbar. Add the photo. Click its image on the next page. On the next page, below the image there are options to set as profile or cover photo. Pick one and repeat that process for the other type!
  4. See your friends by clicking the Friends link on the middle navbar. Unfriend one by clicking the button. Refriend them on the next page.
  5. While you're on this user's page, click through their middle navbar links.
  6. When you're done with that, navigate to your personal pages by clicking the logo in the top left of the window. This is the news feed. Look at the photos you added a minute ago. You can go through the posts for any of the friend(s) you may have added.
  7. Like some posts. Like some photos. Commented to your heart's desire. Danebook is your oyster.

Technical Highlights

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Personalized user authentication system
  • Polymorphic relationships (comments-commentables, likes-likables) and modular polymorphic helper functions
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