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Angular Starter

Note: this project is no longer actively maintained.

Minimal Angular.js app

Angular Starter is a minimal AngularJS HTML5 application to get your web app project started. The main goal of this project is to provide the basic structure for Angular.js projects with preconfigured testing and Continuous Integration setup.

How minimal?

  • Angular Starter application has 3 minimal pages with navigation between them.
  • Angular Starter application has a defined structure with separated controllers and views.
  • Angular Started application has few simple examples of Angular.js app http communication with Restful APIs.
  • Angular Starter application has unit and end 2 end tests configured so you can dive into TDD and BDD haven.
  • Angular Starter application has Continuous Integration configured to perfrom testing on every GitHub code push. Its like having an additional QA team member!
  • That's all!

Summary of how this project was created together with the detailed component walkthrough can be found on HTMLCenter Blog. Below is a simple start-up guide.

How to start Angular Starter

How to start, test and use Angular Starter? First, you need Node.js to be installed in your dev environment as Angular Starter project depends on it. Next, you should clone Angular Starter project to your dev environment:

git clone

Once the project is cloned you can use the following commands to run and test the project:

  • npm run start (will start the local web server on localhost:8000)
  • npm run test (will start karma for countinous testing once code changes are detected)
  • npm run test-single-run (will start karma for one single test run)

Above commands are defined in the package.json configuration file in the root of the project. Check it out to understand what is exactly executed once above commands are run.

Contributing to the project

All feedback and suggested improvements are very welcome. You can always create an issue for this repositary or issue a pull request.


This project is created and maintained by Saulius Zukauskas and is one of PopularOwl Labs open source projects. Enjoy!


Example starter application for Angular.js based project.






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